What is the Full American Plan?

Once the classic model for destination vacations, Full American Plan Resorts like Migis Lodge include all meals and many activities and amenities in their daily per person rates.  We cater to those who think of that special time in their favored spot as “their week”. Drive up, park the car, and stay. Whatever you seek in leisure, food, and service is right here. Join us to make this unique tradition part of your vacation!

Since 1916, all our rates at Migis have been per person, per day, and include lodging, all activities, and three meals a day.  Offering a true getaway experience that invites our guests to completely relax, Migis offers the chance to choose among our many recreational activities, and leave the cooking and housekeeping (and even some of the childcare!) to us. How better to define ‘steal away to rest’?

Dinner choices back then included five entrees, two soups and multiple desserts… and still do.  In addition to the menu, you can choose the chef’s table at dinner, where lobster is offered nightly alongside another entree and tempting side dishes.  Lunch is served inside and out, and breakfast from a menu or a lavish buffet. 

Contact us or browse our site to learn more about the many activities at Migis, and of course the option to while away the day in an armchair with a book may be the only one you get to.

Renowned chef Paul Sorgule describes the Full American Plan concept this way:

“We all remember watching the movie “Dirty Dancing” which takes place in the Catskill Mountains of New York during the heyday of the destination American Plan Hotel. A place of tradition where families booked “their week” every year and focused on rest, relaxation, bonding and pampering – all for one price. These hotels dotted the American landscape from coast to coast offering everything that a family could ask for: all meals, golf, tennis, swimming, boating, entertainment, cocktail hours and personal coaches for all of these activities. This “right of passage” was passed down from generation to generation, setting aside “their week” as an essential part of family life.”



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